The game for EU posts seems to be entering the next round
The game for EU posts seems to be entering the next round

26 June 2024 – The EU has taken another turn in the game for important posts in the Commission. But with the nomination of Ursula von der Leyen by the member states, has the ruler of Brussels already won? Because the EU Parliament does not particularly like von der Leyen. And is the European People’s Party now even abandoning the rule of law to protect its lead candidate?

The game for EU posts seems to be entering the next round 

The Queen of Brussels seems to have advanced one round in the game for important EU posts. According to media reports on Tuesday, the member states have agreed to nominate Ursula von der Leyen for a second term as EU Commission President.

Von der Leyen not very popular in the EU Parliament 

However, she has not yet been elected, as Mrs von der Leyen and her Commissioners are not particularly popular in the EU Parliament. The last election was also very close for her, with a lead of just 9 votes. Mrs von der Leyen is notorious for her lack of transparency and sometimes blackmails the EU Parliament through the Commissioners under her authority.  

Ongoing proceedings concerning cronyism and tax wastage 

The Commission President is also suspected of cronyism and massive waste of taxpayers’ money. Even if she does not comment on this, her spokesperson is happy to deny it and most of the media do not want to pick up the thread, there are several lawsuits against her with over 500 parties involved, including some member states. For example, in a Belgian court. The European Public Prosecutor’s Office is also said to have become involved and is conducting its own investigations.  

Why is the topic so little discussed? The European press is generally not very critical of the EU. It also seems to hardly scrutinise the press reports from Brussels and often accepts them without comment. Unfortunately, there is also a lack of a strong culture of debate in Parliament.  

European People’s Party ignores court summons 

The European People’s Party (EPP), whose lead candidate is Ms von der Leyen, has now even abandoned the rule of law to protect its queen and failed to comply with a summons to summary proceedings in the Pfizergate scandal before the competent French-speaking Brussels Court of First Instance on 21 June 2024. 

Has the EPP abandoned the rule of law? 

This seems extremely strange for a political group whose core mission and values include the rule of law.

“To put people at the heart of the European project, strengthening European democracy and the accountability of its institutions; defending the European way of life, advocating a united Europe based on the values of human dignity, freedom, solidarity, the respect of human rights and the rule of law.” 

EPP, Our mission & values

“We defend representative democracy, the separation of powers, human rights and the rule of law, standing against any form of totalitarianism, from any ideological background.”  

EPP, Our mission & values

But it is probably like so often in Brussels: what the EPP expects of everyone else in Europe cannot necessarily be expected of the EPP – where would we end up if the same rules applied to politicians and role models as to the common people?

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