We are fed up! A clear message to Brussels
We are fed up! A clear message to Brussels

26 February 2024 – Thorsten Gerber, entrepreneur from Germany, sends a clear message to the European Commission in Brussels and the rampant bureaucratic madness there. At the same time, he calls on small and medium-sized businesses to finally show courage and raise their voices loudly.

We are fed up! A clear message to Brussels

The voices in the market are slowly becoming louder.

Now that the first CBAM reports and calculations have been made, the true extent of the market is finally becoming clearer. Wherever we listen, we hear sheer horror. This is not just a bureaucratic monster, but a death blow for most imports. Why? Because the expected CO2 penalty taxes are simply no longer affordable. Many people will probably only realise what this means for the downstream industry when it starts raining the first bankruptcies caused by it.

Has the EU CBAM madness finally dawned on everyone?

We remember the first articles we wrote on this topic over two years ago. At the same time, however, we ask ourselves when everyone will finally stand up together and put an end to this game, which is driven by cronyism and smells strongly of corruption. Where are the associations? Why is it still more important to them not to mess things up with Brussels? What are they scared of? Brussels doesn’t give a shit about importers and SMEs. Hasn’t everyone realised that yet?

Thorsten Gerber CEO of Gerber Group commented: “I remember a statement by the legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn – ‘Balls! We need more balls!’ That’s right! Get up, now! What are we waiting for? That things will get better on their own? The upcoming elections at EU level are more important than ever. Each of us can do something. Not only can we do it, we must!”

Addressing Brussels, Thorsten Gerber said: “You have completely lost your minds! That’s all I can think of to say about so much bollocks. This is exactly what happens when you put supposedly highly talented 1 candidates directly into working groups and commissions.”

“Away from distributing to generating prosperity…”

Christian Lindner from the FDP and German Federal Minister of Finance said on television on 23 February 2024: “…Now to achieve an economic turnaround, i.e. a reversal: away from distributing to generating prosperity…”

The Commission is driving the EU economy against the wall at full throttle

The Commission in Brussels must now be prevented from continuing to artificially drive up material and bureaucratic costs with unjustified and market-distorting measures such as Safeguard, CBAM and anti-circumvention proceedings. In doing so, the Commission is not protecting the European economy, but is driving it full throttle against the wall at the expense of our innovative and investment power.

However, we are dismayed to realise that Brussels’ true strength lies in driving a functioning system against the wall.

US housing market: activity in the property sector on the rise

Activity in the US housing market has accelerated after the thirty-year mortgage rate in the US fell from 7.7 per cent at the beginning of December to 7.0 per cent in January. Compared to the previous month, sales of existing homes rose by 3.1 percent to an annualised rate of 4.0 million units.

Polish economy more optimistic

Polish households can rejoice as wages are rising sharply. With a whopping increase of 12.8 per cent, Poles have significantly more in their pockets. At the same time, the rise in prices is slowing, which means that the money earned is worth more. The inflation rate has fallen from 6.2 to 3.9 per cent. This has put people back in the mood to spend and makes for happy faces when shopping.

Outlook for further economic growth

Industry in Poland is also recovering. In January, it was able to increase its production slightly compared to the previous year. This upward trend is encouraging and gives hope for a stable economic recovery. Both the International Monetary Fund and the Polish government are optimistic and are forecasting growth of around three per cent for 2024. Many are likely to benefit from this, especially manufacturers of durable consumer goods.

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