US economy: CEOs show optimism
US economy: CEOs show optimism

11 March 2024 – A clear change in mood among the bosses of major US companies: They expect more sales, plan higher investments and see job numbers rising. Surprising increase: China’s exports are growing strongly and exceeding all expectations and Germany’s exports are also benefiting significantly from the revival in global trade.

US economy: CEOs show optimism!

US company bosses are more positive about the future

A clear change in mood among the bosses of large US companies: The CEO Economic Outlook Index climbs eleven points to 85 – a level not seen since 2022. They expect more turnover, are planning higher investments and see job figures rising.

Growth expectations on the rise

Economic forecasts for the US have been raised from 1.9% to 2.1%, in line with the Fed’s assessment of a slight growth spurt at the start of the year. Thanks to sustained productivity growth, it looks as if the US economy could continue to grow even with high interest rates.

US labor market surprises positively

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has raised hopes: the USA could soon cut interest rates, but inflation must first be under control. The labor market could help to create confidence. And has already sent out positive signals for February with the creation of 275,000 new jobs.

Germany’s exporters impress despite red-green government chaos

Germany and China on the road to success

Surprising increase: China’s exports grow strongly and exceed all expectations with an increase of 7.1 percent! Germany is also benefiting from the global trade upswing: German exports rose by 6.3% in January – especially to China.

First increase in a long time

After five quarters, the German export industry could finally record growth again, driven by the global economic recovery. The signs are good for Germany’s economic engine! And Germany’s economy is showing once again that, despite the destructive red-green economic chaos from Berlin, it is able and willing to pull itself out of the crisis if necessary.

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