The first calendar week of the new year is coming to an end.

This week, rising prices in commodities were definitely in the focus of the media. It was not only about the nickel, which broke through the $ 18,000 mark per ton on the LME, but also about scrap metal.

We also took a look into the future and looked at the upcoming alloy surcharges for stainless steel.

Weekly Steel Review
Weekly Steel Review 1/2021

The steel headlines of the week

Stainless steel mills in Taiwan adjust prices

Why metal stocks are rallying in trading

India: FeCr prices rise ahead of OMC chrome ore auctions

Could steel prices soon reach $1,000/ton in the new year?

US “China Tariffs” – What to Expect from the Biden Administration

Shanghai stainless steel continues rally on firm demand and nickel surge

Netherlands and UK become Turkey’s main scrap suppliers

New year, same problems for US HRC purchasers

Alloy surcharges expected to rise further in Q1 2021

China stainless steel rises 5% on higher raw material costs and tight supply

U.S. dollar down in Taipei trade

Ocean shipping companies lead the fight against empty container congestion

Outlook for the next week

For the coming week, we already see some freight and logistics issues coming up for the steel and stainless steel sector. Containers and ships remain in short supply, driving freight costs. Which is why it might already make sense to get your purchasing plan for the next few months under wraps.

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