EU supply chain regulation: von der Leyen's bureaucratic legacy continues to grow
EU supply chain regulation: von der Leyen’s bureaucratic legacy continues to grow

18 March 2024 – Is the EU Supply Chain Regulation a foul compromise that bypasses the EU Parliament? And just another election campaign gift for the EU Commission President? And strikes at EU stainless steel manufacturers continue.

Strikes at EU stainless steel producers continue

The strikes at two major European stainless steel mills are continuing this week. At the Spanish stainless steel group, the impasse seems to be continuing for the time being despite talks. And in Finland, too, there is no early end in sight to the wave of strikes that has paralysed industry and important ports, among other things.

EU supply chain regulation: von der Leyen’s bureaucratic legacy continues to grow

The EU supply chain law is to come after all. At least that’s the latest status. Without the consent of Germany. And the compromise that has now been found is a compromise between the member states without parliamentary involvement. The EU Parliament now only has the choice between plague and cholera or accept or reject. Apparently there is not much left of the negotiated version between member states and parliament.

Better to force through a foul piece of regulation than prevent bureaucracy?

A lesson in how politics is done under the monarch in Brussels. Better to force through a lazy piece of legislation than to cut red tape. Failure? Apparently not for Ursula von der Leyen, who is still President of the Commission. Democracy? Better not. After all, it would damage her monument and her political legacy. Or restrict the opportunities for personal gain?

We have already seen this with ex-Commissioner Frans Timmermans and his CBAM regulation, which was pushed through with political blackmail. However, his self-directed election campaign gift ultimately failed to convince Dutch voters.

Von der Leyen’s bureaucracy monument

All that is likely to remain is another half-baked law based on the lowest common denominator which, together with CBAM and CSRD, will join a long chain of bureaucratic madness bearing von der Leyen’s name and hampering Europe’s growth.

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