Strike at Spanish stainless steel mill continues
Strike at Spanish stainless steel mill continues

February 23, 2024 – The indefinite strike at Spanish stainless steel manufacturer Acerinox is now almost in its fourth week. No end in sight yet. Delivery times in the EU stainless steel market are increasing significantly. And Asian nickel price jumps upwards, stainless steel prices follow.

Strike at Spanish stainless steel mill continues

The strike at the Los Barrios plant of Spanish stainless steel group Acerinox, which has been ongoing since February 5, continues. Today, Friday, even the police had to intervene to clear the A-7 Cádiz-Málaga highway, which had been repeatedly blocked by strikers. Spanish media reported that there had already been further blockades at the port of Algeciras on Thursday.

Spanish politicians have also taken notice

The total blockade of the important European stainless steel mill, which has now completed its third week, has now also reached the Andalusian parliament, where there was an informal meeting between the striking workers and Andalusian politicians.

No solution in sight yet

A solution to the dispute over restructuring measures, which the group says are necessary, on the one hand, and demands for better working conditions and higher wages on the part of the workers, is not yet in sight. Although both sides have shown a willingness to negotiate, they have not yet been able to come together at the table.

Update 27 February 2024: Strike at Spanish stainless steel mill enters fourth week

The strike at the Acerinox mill in Palmones (Los Barrios) has entered its fourth week. An end is not yet in sight. The 1,800 steelworkers have now called for a major demonstration in Algeciras, Spain, next Thursday, 29 February.

Effects on the EU stainless steel market

The effects of the Spanish strike, as well as the work stoppages in Finland, are already being felt on the European market and have led to delivery delays and an extension of delivery times until May 2024.

Nickel also jumps upwards in Asia

Nickel prices also jumped on the Asian SHFE today, rising by more than 4%.This has already had an impact on stainless steel prices, which have risen by around 1%.In addition, market participants are increasingly reporting shortages of stainless steel throughout Asia.

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