Since last week, increased demand from Latin American countries has been noticed again. Especially in the area of CIS steel slabs.

Briefly noted: What moves the steel world today?
Steel: Demand in South America on the rise again

Brazilian slab producers come through the pandemic well

It is also reported that Brazilian slab producers performed much better than expected last year, despite the Corona pandemic. As reports, slab export volumes decreased by only 6.9%. Considering how badly the main customers of Brazilian slab exports, USA and Mexico, were hit by the pandemic, this is really good news.

Brazilian steelmakers restart plants on time

Brazilian steelmakers recognized in good time the need to restart blast furnaces and plants in a timely manner. And were already bringing their mills up to capacity in mid-2020.

Rising demand: Further upswing expected if vaccinations in USA make progress

Brazilians are expected to come out of the Corona crisis even better once the massive vaccination campaign in the United States takes effect. Unlike Europe, North Americans are making very good progress on vaccinations. And it is expected that by summer, most of the population will be vaccinated.


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