Stainless steel, falling stocks and rising scrap prices
Stainless steel, falling stocks and rising scrap prices

14 September 2022 – Stainless steel prices are influenced by various factors. Besides nickel and ferrochrome, important indicators include 300 series stocks and stainless steel scrap prices. Rebar demand in Europe good, prices expected to rise. Also on scrap: metal recycling need not be sacrificed at the EU border.

Stainless steel prices: Emptying stocks and rising scrap prices

The 300 stainless steel series is one of the major trendsetters in stainless steel prices. It is therefore no wonder that reports of depleting stocks of the 300 series from China and other Asian countries are influencing spot prices and causing them to rise further.

Stainless steel scrap prices rise significantly

In addition, Asian stainless steel scrap prices have risen significantly by more than 8% since mid-August.

EU rebar prices rise

According to recent reports, demand for European rebars was good until the end of August and was further fuelled by the outlook for rising rebar prices in the coming months. Particularly in view of the costs of energy, scrap and transport, it is currently still worth booking in order to replenish depleting stocks. Not only for rebars.

Scrap: metal recycling does not have to be sacrificed at the EU border

Steel and aluminium scrap are the strategic raw materials of the near future. And they are high on the list of priorities of the European manufacturers’ associations EUROFER (steel producers) and EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM (aluminium producers).

Manufacturers’ lobbies want scrap export ban

We have already reported several times on the possible new Waste Shipment Regulation of the European Union, which, together with the Carbon Border Tax CBAM, is supposed to, if not prevent, at least massively hinder international competition in favour of EU manufacturers.

Recommended reading: Circular metal need not be sacrificed at the European border

Under the title “Circular metal need not be sacrificed at the European border”, recycling today has just published an interesting article on this subject, which we would like to recommend for reading here.

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