Decline in alloy surcharges? Not really. The 400 series has increased between 45% and 100% since the end of 2020. We take an in-depth look at stainless steel alloy surcharges for May 2021. And also ask the really important question: where are stainless steel purchasers even getting material from right now?

Stainless Espresso: Alloy surcharges May 2021
Stainless Espresso: Alloy surcharges May 2021

After the end of the export tax rebates in China, the market is eagerly waiting to see what will happen after the Chinese holidays on May 7. For Chinese steel producers, the pressure towards CO2-neutral production is now increasing.

Indonesia is poised to become the world’s largest producer of refined nickel products. And has launched an extensive investment program to achieve this.

Analysts opinion: Indonesia will surpass China in refined nickel

According to analysts at Roskill, Indonesia will overtake China as the largest producer of refined nickel in the foreseeable future. Currently, Indonesia already ranks second behind China, having produced 636,000 mt of refined nickel products in 2020 – most of it in the form of nickel pig iron.

This trend is also indicated by the efforts of the Indonesian government, which has launched an extensive investment program for the nickel industry. And is very actively courting foreign investors.


Chinese export tax changes target domestic production

Beijing’s announcements to increase imports of ferrous scrap and curb steel exports are seen as measures to curb domestic steel production and reduce carbon emissions growth.

The measures will reduce the cost of import, expand the import of iron and steel resources, and put pressure on domestic crude steel production to lead the steel industry to reduce overall energy consumption and promote the transformation and high-quality development of the steel industry,” the ministry said.


Alloy surcharges May 2021: Few stainless steel available

“Alloy surcharges down for May 2021!” It always sounds nice when the press writes that prices are going down somewhere. But if you know the market for stainless steel, you know that at present such reductions in alloy surcharges can only be theoretical. And if at all, they have only a marginal influence on real stainless steel prices and availability.

Most important question among purchasers: Where can I get stainless steel?

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