Short and sweet and strong as a double espresso – the alloy surcharges for April 2021 summarized for you.

Stainless Espresso: Alloy surcharges for April 2021 increased
Stainless Espresso: Alloy surcharges for April 2021 increased

The alloy surcharges for April 2021 have increased in part by up to 9%.

Hardly any movement in austenitic stainless steel grades, but significant increases in ferritic and martensitic grades.

Alloy surcharges hard facts

Nickel price falls had little impact on prices.

Ferro molybdenum remains in short supply and prices at a high level.

Ferro Chrome benchmark prices up 32%.

Scrap metal is and remains scarce in the EU, but its demand continues to rise.

The dollar has an advantage over the euro and should further increase raw material costs for EU mills.

Chinese manufacturers will have to use more ferro vanadium. In addition, vanadium is becoming more interesting for batteries. Prices high. Availability tighter.

Iron ore prices have come under pressure due to Chinese measures. Outlook here currently ambiguous.

Ferro manganese suppliers and purchasers are engaged in an aggressive price war. Availability in China remains tight.

Outlook for April and May 2021

Alloy surcharges have therefore already increased for April. A further increase is forecast for May.

Stainless steel availability in Europe remains tight. Lead times at EU mills have reached late fall. Prices continue to show a stable upward trend.

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