After a short break in week 8, today with a review of calendar weeks 8 and 9 in the steel world. The topics: Nickel, stainless steel prices, EU Safeguard measures, ongoing supply shortages and the alloy surcharges.

SN Weekly 8 to 9/2021: Nickel has fallen - alloy surcharges have risen
SN Weekly 8 to 9/2021: Nickel has fallen – alloy surcharges have risen

A brief overview of the last two weeks in the stainless steel world

Nickel prices drop significantly on the SHFE and LME

After we already had a lot on the topics of stainless steel and nickel in the week before last, then came the official announcement from the EU that the Safeguard measures are being reviewed. And then the drumbeat in the current week, when the nickel prices have significantly collapsed due to reports of a really big nickel deal.

Stainless steel prices currently barely affected by nickel price

But what’s interesting is that stainless steel prices have barely reacted to the plummeting nickel. As we have heard from informed sources, steelmakers are more concerned with other issues at the moment. Iron ore, chrome, scrap prices and finally, and there is still no improvement in sight, availability.

Stainless steel shortage on the market – what’s going on and what to do now

Everyone should have noticed by now that steel and stainless steel are currently in short supply. Prices are going through the roof and delivery times have reached the fall of 2021. It’s a problem that started last year. We have taken a look at how the stainless steel shortage is progressing and put together 5 valuable tips on what is best to do now.

EU Safeguard measures under review

On February 26, the EU officially announced that Safeguard measures will be reviewed. In addition to a coalition of steel consumer associations, ACEA, APPLiA, CECE, CEMA, CEMEP, CLEPA, Orgalim and WindEurope, independent stainless steel trader Thorsten Gerber, CEO Gerber Steel GmbH, has written a letter to the EU Commission calling for an end to Safeguard.

Alloy surcharges for March 2021 published

Stainless steel producers have published their current alloy surcharges. And we have taken a more intensive look at developments on the raw material markets. We have summarized where the journey is heading. Even though the markets have been shaken up a bit in the meantime, the outlook has primarily remained the same.

The most read articles this week

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If that’s not enough news, there’s plenty more information to be found here.

Outlook for the coming week

In the coming week, it will be exciting once again to see where the commodity markets are headed. In addition, China’s 14th Five-Year Plan is on the agenda. Where is the Middle Kingdom headed? There is now much talk that the People’s Republic wants, if not needs, to head for a greener future. We will certainly look at the final plan.

The media already have quite a bit of information on this

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Deutsche Welle: Is China’s five year plan a decarbonization blueprint?

Nasdaq: China to cut energy intensity, but no consumption cap in new 5-year plan

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