German steelmaker Salzgitter has informed its customers that it is unable to meet planned delivery dates and quantities following weather-related disruptions in February. This is according to in a recent article.

Salzgitter AG informs customers that orders may be rejected
Salzgitter AG informs customers that orders may be rejected

Delivery backlogs at Salzgitter AG may continue for several weeks.

In the letter, which Argus says it has received, Salzgitter AG explains that unfavorable weather conditions have caused isolated damage to its facilities. In addition, a rail failure would have led to delivery backlogs that could continue for several weeks. Because of these problems, the company had declared force majeure in early February.

“We ask our customers once again for their understanding that, in view of these circumstances, isolated delivery difficulties and delays may occur or orders may temporarily not be accepted or only with an undetermined delivery date,” the Salzgitter AG letter said, according to


So another European steel producer in delivery difficulties

Meanwhile, many European steel and stainless steel mills are reporting delivery difficulties. With the German Salzgitter AG, it appears that this trend is continuing.

End users, stockists and service centers are trying to replenish stocks for the third quarter despite long lead times and uncertainties in the steel price trend.

Added to this is the uncertain future of the EU Safeguard measures. In recent weeks there has been strong resistance to a possible extension.

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When will the situation on the European steel market improve?

We have been regularly taking a look at current steel shortage developments for months. In the meantime, other platforms are also reporting that the supply problem for steel will continue at least until the end of 2021 (Source)

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Our opinion:

Take the opportunity now. Talk to real experts about your (stainless) steel demand planning for Q3 and Q4 2021. Look at alternatives if the classic channels no longer work.

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