Russian aluminum included in EU's 12th sanctions package?
Russian aluminum included in EU’s 12th sanctions package?

26 October 2023 – The 12th package of sanctions currently being prepared by the European Union (EU) against Russia could include aluminum as another critical raw material. But nickel and titanium could also be an option. And China’s economy and markets continue on the road to stability.

Is EU planning to include Russian aluminum in 12th sanctions package?

Large quantities of raw materials are still coming into the European Union from Russia. To counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with further measures, in addition to the billion-dollar diamond business, other critical raw materials now appear to be on the European sanctions agenda.

Among other things, according to current media reports, Russian aluminum could be included in the 12th sanctions package. However, nickel and titanium, which continue to be purchased in large quantities from Russia by European companies, would also be possible.

China: Economy and markets on the road to stability

China’s government is raising an additional one trillion yuan – about 137 billion euros – in government bonds to finance the reconstruction of areas hit by heavy flooding and to improve urban infrastructure. This boosted the stock market: The CSI 300, which lists major companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen, rose more than one percent early yesterday (Wednesday).

Hang Seng Index rises nearly 3 percent

The Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks rose as much as nearly three percent at one point, marking the end of a four-day bear market. It appears comparatively cheaply valued with an expected price-to-earnings ratio of 8.2 – about a quarter below the average for the past decade. In addition, earnings per share are expected to rise by eight percent over the next twelve months. China’s stabilizing economy should give the stock markets an additional boost in the near future.

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