October 6, 2021 – The publication of the Pandora Papers, a massive database of dubious tax practices, has once again shown that even EU politicians and officials do not shy away from questionable deals via tax havens. As is well known, we have already had to gain experience with the European Commission on several occasions. Therefore, we became alert when the name of former EC Commissioner John Dalli was found in the Pandora Papers. A short cursory research has yielded some interesting results.

Stainless Espresso: The Pandora Papers and the European Commission
Stainless Espresso: The Pandora Papers and the European Commission

European Commission reacts cautiously to Pandora Papers

According to a report in the German Zeit Online, the European Commission has reacted cautiously to the publication of the Pandora Papers. They would not be in a position to comment on individual cases mentioned by name.

Former EU Commissioner John Dalli in the Papers

Former Maltese minister and EU Commissioner John Dalli appears in the leaked documents with the company Westmead Overseas. The politician fell over a case of financial contributions to influence tobacco legislation during his tenure as EU commissioner in 2012. Dalli denies this. Further, his two daughters were charged of money laundering in 2017. Maltese authorities made corruption allegations against Dalli in 2021 in connection with tobacco legislation – Dalli also denies this, according to ICIJ.org. Dalli was forced to resign as Malta’s foreign minister back in 2004 amid corruption allegations.

Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality Policy since 2019 (i.e., active EU Commissioner!)

If you research the name Dalli, you inevitably stumble across the EU Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli. This was brought into office in 2019 still by Jospeh Muscat, the former Prime Minister of Malta. Muscat fell in 2020 due to massive corruption allegations and had to resign from office. Helena Dalli is married to Patrick Dalli.

Patrick Dalli – In the Paradise Papers and John Dalli’s brother

Whether the person behind the name Patrick Dalli, who appear in the Paradise Papers, match those of Helena Dalli’s husband, we can of course not confirm conclusively. But Patrick and John Dalli are named as the children of Gio Mari Dalli and thus should be brothers. Patrick Dalli is also said to have close ties to former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

The conclusion?

Political family relations in Malta tend to be kept under wraps. However, we were happy to invest the hour of research. We wonder, though, what else you’ll find at the European Commission if you just dig deeper and have full access to the Pandora Papers. In the end, all that remains is to say: Ms. von der Leyen, clean up your house!

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