Reuters agency reports today that Indonesia is ready to fight the European Union’s challenge to its ban on nickel ore exports at the World Trade Organization (WTO). As the EU’s measures could hinder Indonesia’s development plans, the trade minister said.

Nickel export ban: Indonesia ready to fight this dispute with European Union (EU) at WTO
Nickel export ban: Indonesia ready to fight this dispute with European Union (EU) at WTO

Indonesia wants in-country investment in nickel supply chain

Once the world’s largest exporter of nickel, Indonesia last year banned the export of ore to incentivize foreign investors to help develop a full nickel supply chain in the country, from mining, processing into metals and chemicals used in batteries, to building electric vehicles.

Indonesian government ready to fight for nickel export ban

“The Indonesian government is ready to fight for and make efforts to defend against the EU lawsuit,” Indonesian Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi said in a statement late Thursday.

EU sees export bans as illegal and unfair to EU steel producers

The EU launched its first lawsuit in November 2019 against export restrictions on raw materials, particularly nickel and iron ore used to make stainless steel, saying the bans were illegal and unfair to EU steel producers.

Escalation: EU calls on WTO panel to assess case

Last month, the complaint escalated at the WTO, asking the Geneva-based trade body to form a panel to assess the case.


More about the nickel export ban can be found here

We had published an internationally acclaimed article on this in mid-January. And highlighted the background of this dispute between the EU and Indonesia.

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Another round of negotiations between Indonesia and the EU recently failed. Deutsche Welle reported on this in detail. And also asked for the assessment of our CEO Thorsten Gerber.

Read: No agreement on nickel export ban: EU and Indonesia talks fail

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