Stainless Espresso: LME nickel makes a head start, inventories continue to fall
Stainless Espresso: LME nickel makes a head start, inventories continue to fall

31 January 2022 – Nickel made a head start at the start of trading on the last Monday in January 2022, jumping by almost 2%. China continues to get serious about environmental protection and sentences steel managers to imprisonment and fines. And falling tech stocks on the exchanges are a good sign of normalisation in the economy.

Head start for nickel at the beginning of the week

Nickel jumped by almost 2% at the start of trading on the LME this morning. Currently, the nickel price is primarily influenced by the high demand and the continuously falling stocks in the West and East. Mainly nickel briquettes are still available at the moment. Other products, such as nickel matte and intermediate products from the wet process, are difficult to obtain and correspondingly expensive.
Copper and zinc, but also energy products such as natural gas and oil, are going up on Monday.

China: Steel manager jailed for falsifying environmental data

China shows once again that it is serious about environmental protection in steel production and is taking a tough stance. After steel producers were found guilty last year of violating emission reduction requirements and production cuts, nearly 50 managers have now been sentenced to jail and fined for publishing falsified environmental data in the Tangshan region.

By 2025, the Asian country has set itself the goal of producing more than 530 million tonnes of steel on a low-carbon basis. To achieve this, we reported, old steel mills are either being shut down completely or relocated and rebuilt under strict environmental conditions.

Tech stocks show way to normalisation

Tech stocks on the major stock exchanges have begun to show a path to normalisation in recent weeks. There is an increased trend towards growth and substance stocks. Which could lead to further growth in demand in the capital goods sector. In addition, the reconstruction programmes in the United States, in the European Union and especially in China are increasingly taking off. Infrastructure projects and real estate in particular are likely to benefit from this. China is also continuing to pump cash into the market to support its own economy. Thus, falling tech stocks in the face of possible interest rate hikes could become a harbinger of a healthy recovery and a path to normalisation.

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