India fails again with EU Safeguard exemption
India fails again with EU Safeguard exemption

18 June 2024 – India has again failed in its negotiations with the EU for an exemption from the EU Safeguard Measure on certain steel products. EU Job Poker: No agreement yet, Von der Leyen still fears for her job.

India fails again with EU Safeguard exemption

After India had already come away empty-handed a year ago in negotiations with the US government for special treatment in the Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminium, the Indian negotiators have now suffered another defeat at the hands of the European Union.

No exemption for Indian steel products

According to recent media reports, the European Union has rejected an exemption for Indian steel products in the EU Safeguard Measure. The European Commission and the EU member states had recently agreed to extend the measure until 2026 following a hasty and hectic Safeguard review.

India had attempted to reach exemptions regarding Safeguard with the EU several times in the past, but had failed each time.

EU job poker: Von der Leyen’s job still shaky

In their first hurried round of negotiations on Monday, the EU member states failed to agree on Ursula von der Leyen as a new candidate for the job of EU Commission President. In particular, the EPP’s demands for more positions of power within the EU met with clear resistance from the other parties.

Von der Leyen: Intransparent bureaucrat with a prohibitionist agenda

In addition, even if this is currently being overlooked, the ongoing proceedings concerning non-transparent procurement procedures and allegations of corruption are likely to put a strain on von der Leyen’s personal affairs. In addition, the European Union continues to face major challenges, and it is not clear whether Ursula von der Leyen, who focussed too much on prohibition and prevention during her previous term of office and covered the EU with an almost impenetrable jungle of bureaucracy, is in a position to overcome them.

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