German recycling associations sharply attack EUROFER
German recycling associations sharply attack EUROFER

22 September 2022 – The German recycling associations are currently attacking EUROFER and criticise its statistical figures and calculation models as being deliberately creative in order to achieve better results in their lobbying work. And significant price increases are expected for stainless steel, as Asian and European sources are currently reporting.

Further price increases for stainless steel expected

Already in the last few days there have been repeated reports about price increases for stainless steel. Taiwanese stainless steel producers are now also thinking about price increases for October. Especially in view of the significant increase in nickel prices. But rising prices are also being reported from Europe. Among others, from Italy, where market sources reported significant price increases.

German recycling associations sharply attack EUROFER

Eurofer is currently facing harsh criticism. In particular, the two German recycling associations BVSE and VDM have published an essay on the statistical basis used by the Association of European Steel Producers to lobbied for the scrap export ban in the currently hotly debated revision of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation.

Scrap share in steel production unchanged for 10 years

According to media reports and with reference to a joint publication by BVSE and VDM, EUROFER has placed the figures used and their periods in non-comparable relations. And apparently also forgot to mention that the use of scrap in crude steel production has remained stable at 55.6 to 57.6 percent over the last ten years.

Scrap available in overcapacity for years

Furthermore, the authors of the two associations state that domestic scrap would always have been available in sufficient quantities, if one looks at the low EU imports during this period, even when crude steel production in the EU shot up significantly.

After China, the European Union is currently the region with the highest overcapacity in crude steel production.

Therefore, the Waste Shipment Regulation in its current form is just another market protection measure for European steel producers and would push the European economy further towards a non-functioning planned economy.

European recycling at risk under the EU’s waste shipment proposals

At the same time, EuRIC, the umbrella organisation of the European recycling industry, is going on the offensive in the media and sharply attacking the planned new regulation on Euractiv.

Thorsten Gerber, CEO of the Gerber Group, said today: “Axel, never believe a statistic that you haven’t falsified yourself – a banker once said that to me.”

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