Brussels, February 26, 2021 – In response to today’s announcement by the European Commission that it will review steel safeguard measures that have been in place since 2018, a coalition of downstream steel users is urging the Commission not to extend the measures beyond their expiration date this June. The ACEA association reports on its website that.

European steel users urge EU Commission to end threat of safeguard measures
European steel users urge EU Commission to end threat of safeguard measures

Production levels across Europe rise massively

While the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted manufacturing activity across all sectors in Europe during 2020, production levels are now rising and are expected to continue to rise as the economy recovers in 2021.

Rising prices and long delivery times for steel products

As a result, since the second half of 2020, companies have faced rising prices for steel products and long delivery times due to insufficient domestic supply. Due to the safeguard measures currently in place, reduced competition from third countries means that import alternatives to reduce cost and delivery time pressures on European producers are limited.

Safeguard measures increase uncertainties

The possibility of extending the safeguard measures beyond June 2021 adds to the uncertainty and unfavorable market conditions currently faced by steel users.

Competitiveness of downstream steel users threatened

It is in the interest of downstream steel users to rely on a strong and competitive domestic steel industry in the EU. Excessive protection will only lead to an uncompetitive European steel industry, to the detriment of downstream users and end-users. Therefore, steel safeguards should expire as scheduled on June 30, 2021.

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Coalition of EU trade associations

The coalition of EU trade associations representing the interests of downstream steel users consists of ACEA, APPLiA, CECE, CEMA, CEMEP, CLEPA, Orgalim and WindEurope.

Voices for an end to EU Safeguard measures grow louder

With this new coalition, voices for an end to Safeguard are getting louder. The associations EUROMETAL, ANFIA and ASSOFERMET have already called for an end to market protection measures at the EU. Stainless Steel Traders, such as Gerber Steel GmbH, have also already written to the EU Commission urging an end to Safeguard.


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