EU stainless steel strikes: No end in sight? - Stainless Espresso
EU stainless steel strikes: No end in sight? – Stainless Espresso

9 April 2024 – There still seems to be no end in sight to the EU stainless steel strikes. Finnish company releases striking employees and slams the door in their faces. Production backlog of flat rolled stainless steel in the EU already at more than 200,000 MT? And in the Green Steel lie, the first EU steel boss becomes honest. Steel subsidies in the EU must be reclaimed immediately!

EU stainless steel strikes: no end in sight?

The strikes at a major Spanish stainless steel mill continue unabated and have now passed the 60-day mark. According to Spanish media reports, the company does not even seem to have turned up for an agreed conciliation meeting.

It is not yet clear whether a meeting between the two sides will actually take place this week. Despite mediation, a rapprochement in the labour dispute does not appear to have been achieved so far.

Finnish stainless steel group blows off strikers

The four-week strike by Finnish stainless steel workers should have been over. However, according to Finnish media reports, the company released its employees involved in the strike yesterday, Monday, and no longer allowed them onto the factory premises.*

*According to a message from a reader, this was not a case of employees being released, but an alcohol access control at the entrance to the factory premises. Whether this is really true cannot yet be conclusively verified.

Substantial stainless steel production backlog in the EU

The accumulated production backlog for flat rolled stainless steel in Spain and Finland is now likely to be close to the 200,000 MT mark. And as the EU stainless steel plants have been working at their maximum capacity limit for years, this growing backlog is already likely to be impossible for the domestic plants to make up.

In the Green Steel lie, the first EU steel boss becomes honest

We have already analysed and explained in detail and repeatedly over the past few years that Green Steel is the product of the wet dreams of some EU grandees, under the decisive leadership of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and former EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans. According to current knowledge, green steel is impossible, even in the medium term.

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Green Steel nothing more than a political lie

In a nutshell, Green Steel has been a deliberate lie to continue subsidising the EU steel oligarchs with billions of euros and to disguise all this under the guise of alleged environmental protection – even though the Commission knew better from the start.

DRI: the wonder weapon in the battle for green steel – Sep 21, 2021

‘Green hydrogen is too expensive to use in our EU steel mills, even though we’ve secured billions in subsidies’

“We already know that hydrogen will be expensive in Europe,” Geert van Poelvoorde, head of ArcelorMittal’s European operations, told Dutch-language business magazine Trends. “We will not be able to use it because we would catapult ourselves completely out of the market.”

Whether we should be happy about the current honesty of the ArcelorMittal Europe boss and his statement that Green Steel cannot be produced economically in Europe, or whether we should actually be even angrier, we have not yet made a final decision. But one thing is clear: it was always just about new subsidies for the EU steel oligarchs.

Steel subsidies must be cancelled immediately!

We therefore call on the respective EU member states to immediately reclaim all subsidies granted and paid out in this regard. And to immediately force the European Commission to suspend the Carbon Border Tax CBAM with immediate effect.

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