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30 March 2023 – Northern Ireland is to get its own EU Safeguard Tariff Rate Quota for imports from the UK, according to the European Commission. And U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal request related to Trump-era Section 232 Tariffs on steel.

Northern Ireland to get its own EU Safeguard Quota

Today the European Union announced that it intends to impose certain Tariff Rate Quotas on Northern Ireland under the EU Safeguard measures on steel products.

Steel products from the United Kingdom

Under the proposal, certain steel products originating in the United Kingdom and shipped directly to Northern Ireland from other parts of the United Kingdom would be eligible to benefit from the relevant Union tariff rate quotas when shipped to Northern Ireland.

Two product categories to be given quotas

For the two product categories concerned
Non Alloy and Other Alloy Quarto Plates and Angles, Shapes and Sections of Iron or Non Alloy Steel would have to have their own tariff quotas.

“…Enter into force as soon as possible…”

The timeframe for possible submissions from interested parties is tight and the process should be completed as soon as possible.

“If the proposal for amending the TRQ Regulation is adopted by the co-legislators, the amendment to the EU steel safeguard regulation will enter into force as soon as possible thereafter.”

Official Journal of the European Union

Next round of EU Safeguard quotas coming up

The new Safeguard quotas for the second quarter will become relevant from April and many buyers are now planning for the coming months. Experience shows that some Safeguard quotas fill up very quickly or even overflow. Good pre-planning has proved valuable here, or appropriate alternatives.

U.S. Supreme Court denies hearing on Trump’s steel tariffs

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected and dismissed an attempt by some U.S. steel importers to appeal a lower U.S. court’s decision regarding the former Trump administration’s Section 232 tariffs on steel products.

US government continues to uphold Section 232 tariffs

The current US administration under President Biden has continued to maintain the controversial safeguard tariffs on steel and has so far shown no interest in lifting them. And the Biden administration, which has largely maintained Trump’s tariff policy, urged the justices not to take up the appeal in the past.

EU with no sign of end to Safeguard measure

On the part of the European Union, which introduced the EU Safeguard measure on certain steel products in 2019 as a countermeasure to the Section 232 Tariffs, it has also successfully maintained the Safeguard measure despite repeated attempts by various groups and member states to overturn or complain about it. And it is unlikely that the measure will be lifted in the next few years, despite renewed efforts by some EU member states.

EU Safeguard Review in 2023 again pure wastepaper

The currently ongoing EU Safeguard Review will repeatedly prove to be a waste of time, a necessary legal remedy and a bureaucratic procedure to be carried out by the European Commission. With a theoretical production capacity of more than 200 million tonnes per year, European steel producers are among the largest in the world and neither Germany, France, Italy and Spain, as major producing countries, are in the least likely to be interested in an early end to the EU Safeguard measures.

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