EU Parliament slams von der Leyen for favoritism
EU Parliament slams von der Leyen for favoritism

12 April 2024 – Things are not going well in von der Leyen’s state. Not only the EU public prosecutor’s office and its corruption hunters are after her, but also the EU Parliament. It has now slammed the Commission President for her favouritism. And the ECB is signalling further support for the visibly recovering EU economy.

EU Parliament slams von der Leyen for favoritism

Ursula von der Leyen’s behaviour as EU Commission President cannot escape criticism. Not only is she facing an official investigation by the EU public prosecutor’s office and its corruption hunters, but yesterday she also suffered a setback in an important personnel decision.

Queen of Brussels and her favoritism

The left-wing monarch and Queen of Brussels, who is said to be far too close to lobbyists and large corporations and who increased EU spending on external consulting agencies by billions of euros during her term of office, has now been accused by the EU Parliament of favoritism in the appointment of the EU Commissioner for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Appointment is said to violate EU principles

The CDU politician who was to take over the job is considered a close party colleague of von der Leyen. A corresponding motion calling on von der Leyen to cancel the appointment was adopted by more than 63% of votes in the EU Parliament, with less than 24% of MEPs voting against. According to the EU Parliament, the appointment violates “the principles of merit, gender balance and geographical balance”. The Parliament also called for a new, transparent and open procedure to be carried out immediately.

Thorsten Gerber, CEO of the Gerber Group, said today: “The fact that the left-wing monarch does not stand up for small and medium-sized businesses or is interested in them at all should be evident from her decisions in recent years.” He continued: “So if a candidate launched by her is now to become an EU representative for SMEs of all things, it is clear how politics will continue under von der Leyen’s rule.”

ECB signals support for EU economy

The European Central Bank (ECB) has now signaled further support for the now visibly recovering economy. Accordingly, there could be a first slight interest rate cut from June 2024 if the ECB’s data analysis supports this. European base metals reacted positively to this outlook this morning. Aluminum, zinc, copper and lead rose by up to 1.7% in some cases after the start of trading. Nickel prices on the LME jumped back above the $18,000/MT mark.

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