EU anti-dumping on aluminium and steel and Safeguard Review
EU anti-dumping on aluminium and steel and Safeguard Review

12 May 2022 – The EC is currently dealing with a number of anti-dumping cases. It intends to impose anti-dumping duties on HDG from Turkey and Russia. The EU Safeguard Review should be decided by the end of May 2022. And Chinese aluminium FRP imports back to 2019 levels by the end of 2022?

EC to impose definitive AD duties on Turkish imports of HDG Steel

The European Commission (EC) plans to impose definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-dip galvanised steel coils from Russia and Turkey into the European Union. This is according to a Commission document dated 10 May, which was sent to interested parties.

AD duty rates on HDG ranging from 2.4 to 37.4%.

The definitive anti-dumping duty rates, expressed on the CIF Union border price, duty unpaid, are expected to range from 2.4% to 11% on Turkish imports and 10.3% to 37.4% on Russian imports.

An official announcement should be expected in the coming weeks. By the end of August 2022 at the latest, the EC must have introduced the definitive measures.

Steel sanctions against Russia

Due to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the EU has already imposed several sanctions packages against Russia, which also affect steel products, including HDG.

EU Safeguard: Potential changes expected by the end of May 2022

The current EU Safeguard Review is in full swing. Several necessary changes have already been made to Safeguard independently of the review in 2022. Be it newly allocated tariff rate quotas due to the sanctions against Russia or the introduction of own quotas for South Africa.

According to EU sources, a submission of potential Safeguard changes to the WTO is expected by the end of May 2022.

Chinese FRP aluminium imports at 2019 levels?

The monitoring for the suspension of the anti-dumping measure on Chinese aluminium imports is likely to be close to a decision, similar to the EU Safeguard Review.

Aluminium FRP imports at 2019 levels?

Current projections show that the dramatic increase in imports of Chinese aluminium is likely to be just below 2019 levels by the end of 2022. In 2019, China had accounted for approximately 25% of total aluminium FRP imports into the EU.

Significant import increase could become a problem

The EC and domestic aluminum producers are likely to be upset about this and will probably take action.

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