Stainless Espresso: EU alloy surcharges for October 2022 are rising again
Stainless Espresso: EU alloy surcharges for October 2022 are rising again

26 September 2022 – The first recently published European alloy surcharges for stainless steel indicate a broad increase in prices. At the same time, energy surcharges should be kept in mind.

EU alloy surcharges rise again

According to the first publications, the European alloy surcharges for October indicate that stainless steel producers are turning the price curve upwards again.

Surcharges rise by up to 4%

According to the figures currently available, alloy surcharges for various stainless steel grades are rising by up to 4%. Forecasts had previously assumed a further decline. Which is also an indication of how cautious such predictions have to be handled and how devastating they can be.

Consider indirect costs in EU alloy surcharges

Nevertheless, one has to be careful with the current European alloy surcharges. The more than opaque energy surcharge now levied by most EU stainless steel producers means that additional costs are being incurred indirectly.

Are they cashing in for free ETS certificates?

In particular, this surcharge is worthy of criticism because for some producers it seems to include costs for ETS certificates that are actually allocated free of charge by the EU to domestic steel producers. Especially when the scrap input is at least 90%.

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