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Don’t forget, insert bad news here!

26 August 2022 – Have you already had your dose of bad news today? The approach of the media and consulting firms “Bad news travels fast” or “Only bad news are good news” makes use of a human trait: Bad news gets more attention than good news. This is a simple way to increase readership and, of course, profits.

Don’t forget, insert bad news here!

At the moment, the media and consulting firms in particular are lining up bad news stories that rely on precisely this principle. And they prefer to look in the rear-view mirror rather than have the courage to look three car lengths ahead.

“Several factors could dramatically affect…”

“Could” punctuated with a few superlatives and worst-case scenarios. But you don’t get more than a poking in the fog of known circumstances. Qualitative and value-added content is increasingly absent.

Unknown, heavy, Market participants believe, bottom not reached yet…

If we look back at the past two and a half years, the bad news spreaders have done more harm than good to their readers. And with the word “could” alone, they have caused more problems than they have solved.

And have they been right about that? No, they haven’t. In many cases, the prophets of doom have been completely wrong. But you still read and hear about them – because it was for someone’s benefit. Which does not necessarily have to be you as the reader or listener.

While some are spreading fear and panic for their own benefit (or that of their advertisers), more positive news is already coming from other directions – which of course does not fit into the superlative-infested sales concept.

Good news: steel and stainless steel prices to rise

A widely known Chinese stainless steel company has announced to its customers that it will soon increase its prices on a daily basis. From Taiwan it is reported that first stainless steel mills are also raising prices. And there are also reports for Europe that domestic producers are “expected” to increase HRC prices. Turkish scrap prices also continue to go up due to limited availability.

Advisors to the industry?

This sounds very different from the doomsday chorus of British and European doomsday prophets who think they are advisors to the industry. Bad news, with vague contents, garnished with the most cryptic superlatives possible, which in the end settle on a “could” as a statement – we’d better not be advised there.

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