Vaccination against coronavirus has now also begun in most emerging countries. Central Eastern European countries in particular are making relatively rapid progress with immunization thanks to their efficient healthcare systems.

COVID-19: rapid vaccination in Central Eastern Europe
COVID-19: rapid vaccination in Central Eastern Europe

Poland and Hungary have already vaccinated up to 2% of the population

In Poland and Hungary, between one and two percent of the population has already been vaccinated, putting them on a par with most European industrialized countries. By the end of the second quarter, the most vulnerable parts of the population in Central Eastern Europe should also have been largely vaccinated, so that lockdown measures could be permanently scaled back.

Economic recovery possible in spring

This should pave the way for an economic recovery in the spring; in the second half of the year, growth should also be supported by initial inflows of funds from the EU reconstruction fund.

Central Eastern Europe could be an outperformer this year

“In my view, the region’s economy and markets could be among the outperformers among emerging markets this year,” writes Dr. Ulrich Stephan, chief investment strategist for private and corporate clients at Deutsche Bank, in a recent newsletter.


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