Although Covid-19 was effectively controlled within China in 2021, the pandemic is still raging around the world. It must be said that the worsening situation overseas is having a major impact on import and export trade. This is what freshplaza writes in a short note on their website.

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Container shipping may experience unprecedented ‘large-scale delays’

Logistics and customs clearances are slow

Ports are severely congested, empty containers are piling up, customs clearance and logistics are extremely slow, which poses great challenges for trading companies.

A shortage of containers, high freight rates, no available slots, port congestion and slow customs clearance – it may seem unlikely that all of this is occurring at the same time and continuing to cause problems, but it is now clear that this is the new normal.

Ports in many countries severely congested

The continued development of Covid-19 has resulted in the number of confirmed cases reaching new highs in many countries. Ports in many countries are severely congested, especially in Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Malaysia, Australia, India and other countries.

Local logistics and major industries will be severely affected, and freight shipments may experience unprecedented “large-scale delays.”

Source: / Foreign Shipping

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