As reported by Deutsche Bank, economists estimate that China’s economy could grow by around ten percent in 2021 after around two percent last year. This is mainly due to forecast higher consumer spending by the Chinese population. And a further increase in industrial production. In addition, the labor market should boom in time for the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

China: good prospects for 2021

Chinese central bank could end expansionary monetary policy

In contrast to the other major central banks, China could therefore end its expansionary monetary policy in the course of the year with the first key interest rate hikes. In 2020, Chinese bonds with an equivalent value of around 130 billion US dollars were purchased by foreign investors.

Interesting yields on Chinese government bonds

The interesting yields on ten-year Chinese government bonds of around 3.5 percent should ensure continued strong demand from abroad, which is why many strategists also expect the renminbi exchange rate to rise.

Risk-conscious investors could therefore continue to keep an eye on investments in China.

Source: Deutsche Bank

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