CBAM: EC has to grudgingly admit mistakes
CBAM: EC has to grudgingly admit mistakes

January 30, 2024 – After serious technical glitches with and in the CBAM portal, the European Commission has to grudgingly admit mistakes and, under pressure from the Gerber Group, allows an extension of the submission deadline. Evergrande cooked hotter than expected. And EUROFER makes you smile with hydrogen.

CBAM: EC has to grudgingly admit mistakes

The European Commission’s CBAM portal has been active for four months and until shortly before Christmas, many declarants were not even able to log in to the portal, let alone submit a CBAM report.

Login for declarants not possible

The CBAM officials have a long list of errors to work through. Login problems are currently at the top of the agenda and yesterday, Monday, made it impossible to log in to the CBAM portal in large parts of Europe or to load data.

EC has so far categorically refused to extend the submission deadlines

Last week, according to insider information available to us, the EC had categorically rejected an extension of the submission deadlines beyond January 31, 2024.

Technical glitches and omissions on the part of the Commission meant that it was previously impossible for many declarants to submit CBAM reports. An update announced by the Commission on January 29, 2024 finally made the system unusable for many declarants.

Thorsten Gerber and the Gerber Group’s CBAM team had submitted several error reports to the Commission and the authorities in Germany in recent weeks and, due to the programming errors clearly on the part of the Commission, once again emphatically demanded an extension of the deadline for all companies on Monday.

“You are currently wasting the valuable time of those obliged to report in a grossly negligent manner. After more than two years of development and almost four months of testing, not providing even a rudimentary platform for recording CBAM data is currently causing enormous economic damage in the EU. The deadline should therefore be postponed, even if the EC does not like it, at least until you are in a position to provide a functioning portal.”

Source: Gerber Group

Commission reluctantly complies with the demand

The Commission has complied with this demand, albeit reluctantly and evasively. In a written statement on Monday evening, the Commission apologized to the Gerber Group for the ongoing difficulties and thanked them for their support to date.

However, as the Commission does not want to, cannot (or is not allowed to) admit that the CBAM portal has failed and that its own deadlines have not been met, it should be possible for “the few companies” that suffer from “minor” technical problems to apply for an extension of the submission deadline from February 1. As you will probably have to log in to do this, we hope that the EC will at least have resolved its login problems by then.

We strongly advise affected companies to check with their National Competent Authorities (NCAs) and their publications on CBAM and contact them. Some NCAs have already indicated (e.g. the German Emissions Trading Authority, DEHSt) that a late submission will not lead to penalties from the EC for the time being.

Evergrande liquidation still “not quite as dramatic”

According to media reports, other experts also see the possible liquidation of the Evergrande real estate group, which was ordered by a court in Hong Kong on Monday, as less dramatic.

So far, the upheavals predicted by the Western media have largely failed to materialize. Although the Asian stock markets are showing a certain amount of volatility, they are moving sideways without any major losses.

And something to smile about

The Director General of the European Steel Association (EUROFER) Axel Eggert, told the online portal (which belongs to the PR advertising network Withub) in an interview that it would be impossible to melt steel scrap in the EAF without hydrogen.

Steel Scrap Melting Impossible Without Hydrogen?
Steel Scrap Melting Impossible Without Hydrogen?


We jokingly ask ourselves the question: Axel, are the furnaces out everywhere now? Or has your PR department overshot the dramatic mark?

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