The European Commission has extended the anti-dumping measure on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled flat products originating in the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. Despite major legal concerns raised by Gerber Group.

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Gerber Group pointed out breach of law in advance

Although Thorsten Gerber, CEO of the Gerber Group, had pointed out a clear breach of law by the European Commission in detail in the proceedings and also explained this in detail in a hearing before EC staff, this was passed over by the EC without any comment in the findings. A requested statement on the breach of law on the part of the EC is still outstanding.

“Another example of the EC letting lobbyists dictate the laws,” Thorsten Gerber said of the EC’s decision.

Changes to EU Expiry Reviews explicitly prohibited

As a result, anti-dumping duties are now due on stainless steel products from Taiwan and China, which demonstrably were not affected by duties in previous years. The EC has thus made a change to an Expiry Review and violated applicable EU law. Under EU law, anti-dumping expiry reviews may only be extended unchanged or terminated.

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