Thorsten Gerber, CEO Gerber Steel GmbH, published his new book “The forgotten European Downstream Industry” on April 27, 2021. And in a unique action made it available to all members of the European Commission and the European Parliament. In his book he urgently calls on Europe to end the EU Safeguard measures that have caused an unprecedented disaster for the metal processing industry.

Book release: “The forgotten European Downstream Industry”

Because the EU downstream industry has the legitimate impression that no one is listening to it

There is currently a dramatic shortage of steel and stainless steel in the European Union. Prices for steel products have risen by more than 130% in some cases since mid-2020. European steel producers are unable or unwilling to meet this demand. Downstream steel processors and end users cannot safely and reliably procure new material. Productions have to be stopped. Jobs are lost. The European economy is about to suffer even worse damage than it has already taken from the Corona crisis.

The manufacturing steel industry has been crying out for help for months, but officials in the European Union are not listening. The influence of the EU steel producers and their lobbying organization is too great.

Thorsten Gerber has summarized the whole steel and stainless steel crisis in a book

Mr. Thorsten Gerber, CEO of Gerber Steel GmbH, international steel trader and entrepreneur from Germany has summarized this crisis in a sixty page book. And has sent this today, April 27, 2021 to the EU Commission and all Members of the European Parliament. In it, he urges the European Union to end the EU Safeguard measures. And to stand up for the people and companies in the European downstream industry and to act now.

The book “The forgotten European Downstream Industry” was a necessity

“This book was born out of necessity. Europe is hit by several global crises at the same time,” writes Thorsten Gerber in his book.

“Everywhere, manufacturers and producers in the downstream industry are calling for help – for example, there is a shortage not only of building materials such as wood, gypsum, or concrete, but also of urgently needed chips for car manufacturers. And some of the world’s most important materials are also in danger of running out in Europe: Steel and stainless steel,” continues international stainless steel trader Thorsten Gerber.

“Gerber Steel has now already sent several urgent letters regarding the EU Safeguard measures to EU President Ursula von der Leyen. And has also participated in the current proceedings with submissions. We just had to do a little more to help,” Thorsten Gerber describes his reasons.

Thorsten Gerber calls on the EU to act

He calls on the European Union and its institutions „to stand up for the people of Europe as our democratically elected representatives in the European Union. Stand with us and help end the EU Safeguard measures. Otherwise, the economy of the European Union will suffer permanent damage.”

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