Big Short's next move? Australia's battle against China's nickel giants
Big Short’s next move? Australia’s battle against China’s nickel giants

9 January 2024 – Australia’s nickel industry is stumbling and has already identified a culprit: Xiang Guangda, also known as “Big Short”, the owner of Tsingshan Holdings. Necessary clean-up at the steel trading giants? Thyssenkrupp and Klöckner want to sell off subsidiaries.

Big Short’s next move? Australia’s battle against China’s nickel giants

Mining industry in a state of emergency

While Australia’s nickel mining industry is tottering, Chinese companies are expanding their power in Indonesia. BHP Nickel West sounds the alarm: Uncertainty threatens Australian nickel production!

Production stop Down Under

The first nickel mines in Western Australia are closing down. Is this just the beginning of a mining crisis?

The possible man behind the chaos: Xiang Guangda. Known also as “Big Short” – the string-puller who drove nickel prices to a dizzying USD 100,000/MT in early 2022 and plunged the market into chaos. Tsingshan Holdings, the Chinese mining and stainless steel heavyweight, is pumping billions into Indonesia and is also deeply involved in Australia. Australian media are already pouncing on the Chinese investor.

New Caledonia calls for help again

The mines of the French Pacific Islands are fighting for survival. Mismanagement, high costs, labour shortages – without government bailouts, they would have been out of business long ago. And in November 2023, the next shock news: another 1.5 billion euros are needed!

Speculative games: The investment funds’ plan?

2022 – an artificially induced price increase. Indonesia – a huge but dwindling nickel deposit. Western mining companies in financial difficulties. Is there a strategy behind this from players like Tsingshan and other investment companies?

Is the ultimate nickel squeeze coming?

The world is watching the nickel market with bated breath. Are we on the brink of an even bigger plan that will overrun the global commodities landscape and send nickel prices soaring again?

The future of nickel: a mystery! Australia versus China, investment funds versus mining companies – the mining market is at a crossroads. What comes next?

“Big clean-up at the steel giants!” Thyssenkrupp and Klöckner want to divest subsidiaries

Thyssenkrupp continues on its reorganisation course

The steel industry is seething: Thyssenkrupp Materials Services is taking action – a Spanish subsidiary is being sold off. Another urgently needed step in the major reorganisation plan?

Klöckner wants to become leaner

The trading giant Klöckner & Co is taking a new path: Parts of the European business are up for sale. The suspicion behind the scenes: an urgently needed reorganisation process? Weak divisions in France, the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium are to be sold off – to a Spanish group. A necessary restructuring measure wrapped up in fine words to save the German business?

What is behind this?

Both companies are about more than just sales. It is probably an urgent and necessary strategic decision to divest unprofitable parts in order to reorganise themselves. Thyssenkrupp and Klöckner want to rid themselves of legacy burdens and get back on the road to success.

The future of the steel companies: lean and strong or an urgent lifejacket?

These sales could be just the beginning. The German steel industry is facing major challenges. Will Thyssenkrupp and Klöckner achieve a turnaround with their new strategies?

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