Belgium calls for a massive reduction in EU bureaucracy
Belgium calls for a massive reduction in EU bureaucracy

24 January 2024 – Belgium, which currently holds the EU Council Presidency, is calling for a massive reduction in red tape and an improvement in the investment climate in the European Union. What needs to be implemented most urgently and immediately!

Belgium calls for a massive reduction in bureaucracy in the EU

Belgium took over the EU Council Presidency on January 1, 2024 and has spoken out in favor of a significant reduction in bureaucracy within the European Union. Recently, Belgian Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem reiterated that the development of an EU Industrial Deal is a key priority for the Belgian Presidency and that cutting red tape and improving the general investment climate in the EU are urgently needed to achieve this.

Demands that we can only affirm and support!

Reduce bureaucracy immediately – stop CBAM

The rampant bureaucracy within the European Union can be seen in the example of the Carbon Border Tax CBAM, which was launched on October 1, 2023. Even if the European Commission seems incapable of admitting mistakes, the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union responsible for CBAM should have realized by now what a bureaucratic monster they have unleashed on the EU.

Total economic damage caused by CBAM already in the billions

The overall economic damage that the EC is already causing with the CBAM farce is likely to run into billions of euros in the EU alone. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are suffering the most, while EU steel manufacturers in particular continue to receive billions in hidden subsidies in the form of free emission allowances.

Importing companies deliberately disadvantaged by the EC

The EC and the responsible DG-TAXUD have repeatedly shown no willingness or interest in working with the companies affected by CBAM in Europe. Importing companies are being deliberately excluded from the design of CBAM by the EC under false pretenses.

Stop excessive subsidy measures

Billions in subsidies for outdated multinational corporations that have been operating uneconomically for decades and are only being kept alive artificially by the favoritism of the European Commission must be stopped immediately and the money thus freed up must be invested in European SMEs. Furthermore, those responsible must be held personally liable for such subsidy escapades – although then we would probably no longer have an EC.

European Commission out of control – more influence from EU member states needed

The European Commission is completely out of control. An immediate reduction in bureaucracy and a sustainable improvement in the investment climate can only succeed if the executive body of the EU is placed back under the supervision and control of the EU member states. The European Commission urgently needs to return to democratic values and become the servant of the citizen again.

Brussels: bureaucratic proliferation and favoritism

The bureaucrats in Brussels should have sufficiently demonstrated what happens when they have a free hand. Bureaucratic overgrowth, the unwillingness and inability to admit mistakes and the systematic favoritism to the detriment of European citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises must be brought back to more democracy and freedom. Brussels’ decisions are no longer comprehensible to citizens and entrepreneurs, whose servants the European Commission should be.

EU Industrial Deal only possible together with SMEs

An improvement in the investment climate in the European Union and an EU Industrial Deal can only be achieved together with SMEs. We therefore urge the Belgian EU Council Presidency to start right here and to immediately follow up the many fine words about cutting red tape and improving the business climate in Europe with action.

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