The global economic recovery is progressing. This can be seen from the latest reports, especially from Asia. Order books are full, factories are working at full speed, warehouses in Asia are becoming increasingly crowded – but getting hold of freight capacity has become an expert topic.

Stainless Espresso: Available cargo space top trade topic again
Stainless Espresso: Available cargo space top trade topic again

Cargo space in short supply, freight rates on the rise

Now that some major industrialized and consumer nations have made it halfway out of the Corona pandemic, international orders in Asia are rising rapidly, filling warehouses and factories there. This has a significant impact on the availability of containers, ships and cargo space.

Available shipping space scarce and expensive

For a few days already, the topic of freight and transportation has been viewed and discussed more hotly in the media again. Getting available shipping space is now far more important than current prices.

Freight currently top issue for steel buyers

Stainless steel purchasers should therefore include this as a weighty factor in their planning. And they should work together with experts to avoid being taken advantage of.

Steel and commodities on an upward trend again

The stainless steel and commodities spot & futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange started Monday in the plus. Nickel continues its upward movement.

We can expect new figures from London on Tuesday, as the LME is closed today for a holiday.

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