Asian stainless steel mills lament nickel shortage
Asian stainless steel mills lament nickel shortage

29 May 2024 – The increasingly obvious nickel shortage, particularly in the stainless steel sector, is already causing some formats to become scarce, according to Southeast Asian market voices. And Europe’s stock market is attracting significantly more investor money again.

Asian stainless steel mills complain about nickel shortages

The expected nickel shortage, which we have already discussed several times, now appears to have increased to such an extent that it is beginning to have an impact on the availability of stainless steel. Certain formats already appear to be in short supply, as nickel pig iron in particular is hardly available or not available at all, as Southeast Asian market voices are currently reporting.

Europe’s stock market attracts investor money

European equities have seen net capital inflows again in recent weeks for the first time since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. Previously, shares from Europe were often sold in favor of other regions. Remarkably, European investors in particular have shifted their portfolios in this way, while US investors have largely maintained their positions.

However, Europeans have recently taken a liking to domestic shares again. Further inflows are likely to support share prices over the course of the year, as are purchases by the companies themselves. This year, the share buybacks of the STOXX 600 could rise from a good 150 billion euros to over 160 billion euros – analysts at Deutsche Bank even see an increase to 175 billion euros as realistic for 2025.

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