Stainless steel anti-circumvention: Is the EC facing an administrative disaster?
Stainless steel anti-circumvention: Is the EC facing an administrative disaster?

17 January 2024 – In the two ongoing EU stainless steel anti-circumvention proceedings, the European Commission could face an administrative disaster after extensive errors, disadvantages and discrimination become known. Is this the premature end for the proceedings? And in the Red Sea, there are increasing signs of a heavy military strike against the Hutbi rebels. Is the EU sending its own fleet?

Stainless steel anti-circumvention: Is the EC facing an administrative disaster?

Serious allegations are being levelled against the European Commission in the two ongoing anti-circumvention proceedings against stainless steel imports from Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam originating in Indonesia. In well over 500 cases, the responsible department at DG-Trade appears to have penalised and discriminated against interested parties. Is the EC now facing an administrative disaster in the already highly controversial market protection proceedings?

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Red Sea: Is a massive military operation against rebels imminent?

The conflict between Huthi rebels operating from Yemen and a growing military force in the Red Sea continues to escalate. Following successful counter-attacks by the US-led naval forces, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has threatened further harsh strikes if the attacks on freedom of navigation are not halted immediately.

Will the European Union deploy its own fleet?

The EU is also already discussing sending its own fleet to the Red Sea, but an overdue and urgently needed decision to do so has yet to be made. Even if this could increase tensions in the region, it should lead to a further reduction in attacks if EU warships also patrol the affected sea routes.

Shipping associations not very helpful

While solutions to the situation in the Red Sea are being sought on the political and military side, the political associations of the shipping companies have recently proved to be of little help. While the shipping lines had already begun to capitalise on the situation, at least some associations can hardly hide their undisguised delight at the artificial price increases. Excess profit taxes caused by such price manipulation have already affected other sectors in the recent past. Gloating and greed could soon cost some people dearly.

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