The Stainless Espresso on Sunday. Today with the manufacturing industry in the United States calling for an end to Section 232 duties. With rising HRC prices in Italy. And those who don’t get their demand planning for the second half of the year under wraps now could soon be out of luck.

Stainless Espresso: End to 232 tariffs, Italian HRC and German coil contracts
Stainless Espresso: End to 232 tariffs, Italian HRC and German coil contracts

U.S. steel manufacturers call for an end to 232 tariffs

“The metals industry got their time to reset; now it’s time to boost the domestic manufacturing industry,” Dan Davis of The Fabricator writes that.

Clear demand: Section 232 tariffs must end

What goes up must come down? That’s inevitable. Unfortunately, when it comes to steel prices, you can’t rely on any laws of nature to determine when prices might return to the historic levels of recent years. That’s why the Section 232 tariffs have to go.


Italian HRC rally continues, market leader raises prices again

Italian hot rolled coil producers are still not quoting this week as the market struggles with continued tight supply. Some mills are expected to be forced to reduce production this month. Both domestic and imported prices for coils and coil derivatives continue to skyrocket, sources at Eurometal report.


German coil contract negotiations start early

Negotiations on coil contracts in Germany for the second half of 2021 have started earlier than in previous years, market sources said.

Normally, talks do not start until late May/June, and some buyers took a relaxed view of the issue before Easter, saying it was too early to worry.

Major German buyers already in negotiations

However, major German cold-rolling companies have already entered negotiations, according to sources in management circles.

Source: market sources

Our opinion: Start planning your requirements for the second half of the year now. Otherwise you will lose out to the major players.

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